It’s a nice evening outside, you and Doggie are getting ready to go for a walk. You put your shoes on, wrangle the leash on him, and head out the door. You’re off down the driveway and Doggie immediately starts pulling ahead towards a tree he is wanting so badly to sniff, dragging you behind. Your arm is tired of always pulling against him, you try to get him to stop pulling by yanking on the leash, it doesn’t work.  You cut the walk short and head home frustrated with Doggie (and Doggie confused as to why his walk was ended so fast). 

Does this sounds familiar? Then it’s time to learn how you can help your dog be walking partner, not a puller. Walking is a two way street, a partnership. Just as you are not dragging Doggie down the street, he should not be pulling you either. Dog who pull are more likely to have aggressive episodes than dogs who walk calmly by their owners side. 

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