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Don’t feel bad for the dog

I don’t feel sorry for dogs. Not mine or yours. It doesn’t matter if your dog spent the first half of his life in a shelter or wandering the streets I still don’t feel bad for them. I realize how this makes me sound but that’s OK because I’m on your dog’s side. Feeling bad for a dog who had a rough life before you came along doesn’t make him a better behaved dog today. It doesn’t teach him good behaviors and how to live a calm life with his favorite human. Sympathy doesn’t stop him from rummaging through the trash and requiring surgery. Allowing dogs to do whatever they please causes layers of problems.  Taking some time to train the dog to do the things we want  like being calm on walks, chewing those things that are appropriate and  going into  a crate for their safety  can be a real stress reducer down the road.  I do however feel sorry for those dogs whose owners are feeling too sad to give themselves and their dog the gift of peace.

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