Why does my dog always jump?

Starting during puppyhood, young dogs are very jumpy. They jump on their litter mates and their mother to lick food from her face. When owners bring their new puppy home the puppy continues to jump since as it has in the past and for good reason! Jumping got your puppy lots of attention from litter mates and mother dog, after-all dogs will continue to do what works. When owners bring puppy home for the first time the young pup often still gets lots of attention from jumping on  all the new people in its life.  Every time he jumps, we look at him, put our hands on him and then pet him when he gets down. And a new behavior is born. 

It seems innocent while your dog is young, but as he grows it can become bothersome and  irritating. This is especially true if he’s going to grow significantly in size, although toy dogs are no exception. If your dog thinks its ok to  jumps on you, he’ll definitely jump on other people as dogs do not do well with sometimes. This can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your guests. Take the time to train your dog not to jump up and you’ll be one step closer to a well-mannered companion.

Ok So how do I get my dog to stop jumping?

1)The best thing you can do when your dog jumps is to not give him the attention he is after.  He must learn that if  wants attention, he will not get it from jumping. Ignore all jumping efforts, no eye contact, no petting, nothing. 

2) Train an alternate behavior such as a sit.  I have a boxer, a very jumpy one, this dog can easily clear 4 feet without even trying and she is only 1.  I have lots of people coming in and out of my house, the last thing I needed was my own dog jumping on anyone.  By reinforcing sit to say hi, she learned that the only way people will give her attention is when 4 feet are on the floor.  Practice this daily! After some repition your dog should figure out that sitting allows him to greet the guest. Be sure to practice regularly with different people to make the behavior a habit.

3)  Alternatively, if ignoring the jumping efforts are not working, you can hold your dogs paws.  Wait until he gets uncomfortable and starts to struggle, making jumping now a very unpleasant experience.

Your best defense against unwanted behaviors such as jumping is to train your dog to look to you for аll decisions. Encourage eye contact, use release cues, give your dog permission to get the things they want.   Train everyday, Train everywhere. 

Every Great Dog can help.