Most people want basic manners from their dogs: reliably come when called, stop barking when asked,  walk nicely on the leash, or greet visitors politely to name a few.  General obedience training—such as the sit, lay down and stay commands—are the building blocks that we train all dogs to know. Knowing the basics is  paramount to fixing those annoying behavior problems.   

You may not always know what triggers unwanted behavior from your dog, but with the training protocols used by Every Great Dog, you will have the tools to help your dog be responsive and obedient wherever you go. 

Many people come to us frustrated with their dog  but leave our training program with a great dog who understands their requests and does them on cue reliably. Whether you have a specific issue you want addressed or just want your dog to learn and master the basics Every Great Dog's private training can help.  

"Not only did Rachel train our dog, but she also helped teach us how to work with him on our own to ensure consistently good behavior. We are so glad we decided to pursue training with Every Great Dog, it was worth every penny!"

Is Private Dog Training right for me? 

Private dog training is recommended for owners who prefer the convenience of having their dog trained at their own home, where the problems usually start. As part of your initial phone consultation, we will help you choose the program that’s right for you based on your goals and your dog’s behavior. 

Here is just some of work we do:

  • Walk nicely on a leash
  • Come when called
  • Basic Obedience commands (come, sit, down, go to your bed, etc.)
  • Puppy Basics including: Housebreaking, jumping, nipping, crate training
  • Wait at doors
  • No jumping on guests 
  • Cessation of barking, digging and house soiling
  • Leave/Drop it
  • Reduce and better manage aggressive / fearful tendencies and behaviors

  • Reduce dog/dog aggressive greetings

  • Leash reactivity

"We have seen a drastic improvement in our dogs leash walking, so much so that I can actually walk him AND push a stroller - something that was an impossible task before we started this training with Every Great Dog."

How our dog training works:

How it works:

  1. We talk on the phone, get the scoop about your dog and review training programs .

  2. If you would like an in home evaluation, we set that up upon the first phone call. 

  3.  Once a training plan has been established and your goals are set, we come to your house to train your dog. For most programs, it is not required that you are present for training. 

  4. We set you and your dog up for long term success. We schedule specific times with you within the training program to transfer information to you what your dog has learned.     


  • In-home behavior consultation and evaluation - $125
  • Coaching  -$500
  • The Good Dog program starts at $1200
 If you are searching for "Massachusetts Dog Training", Every Great Dog Training offers the most personal, effective and  successful program by using a variety of methods.  Does your dog drive you crazy with behavioral problems?  Have you been told the dog is beyond help and you just have to live with it? You don't, Every Great Dog can HELP!