No one wants to get bitten by a dog.  We all want to avoid a confrontation when encountering a strange dog yet often do not have the tools to do so.  So what methods are really effective? Doggone Safe is an organization  that aims to  educate and equip the public with dog bite prevention methods. Here are a three of their tips.

Tip #1

Dogs do not like hugs and kisses. I will often ask  older children that I meet when training if they think they dogs like hugs and kisses, 99% of the time the answer is “No”.  Younger children (under 5) however think dogs like it.  Educating children (or children you meet when out with your dog)   to pet dogs on their back or sides and keep their face away from the dogs face  is the single best way to  prevent a dog bite to the face. 

Tip #2

Teach your child to be a Tree

While this may sound silly, it works. When children are afraid they will often run, cry, squeal and yell, to a dog can look like injured prey which can trigger prey drive  only making the dog chase them faster.  Here is what you should teach your children to do if a dog comes running up to them. 


Tip #3

Leave sleeping dogs alone

While it may seem like  a good idea to pet or try and cuddle a sleeping dog, it’s not. When dogs are resting or sleeping we should give them the space they deserve.  Startling a sleeping or resting dog my trigger a bite from fear. 

Following these rules can help children realize that dogs have boundaries that need to be respected and protected. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!time