It’s that time of year, the weather is getting warmer and we are more likely to want to get our dogs out of the house, and possibly even enjoy the company of other dog owners, finally!  However, if you are one to visit the dog park, you should educate yourself on some basic dog body language. Thankfully most dogs display the same signs so once you know them , they become easy to read.   Not every dog enjoys interacting with other dogs or humans even though they are at the dog park. Dogs communicate via body language especially before attacking.

Training Tip: If your dog is playing and you aren’t smiling and having fun, your dog isn’t either!  Play should be fun to watch and downright silly. If you are holding your breath while your dog is “playing”, your dog is stressed and its time to go home.  Use the image below to get educated… before it costs you a trip to the vet. 

Having a knowledge of dog body language is a must for every dog owner.