Want your dog off leash? Start in your own backyard!Creating a great recall is about repetition and helping your dog make an emotional connection that coming to you is a good idea. 

Here is a good game to play. If your dog is not reliable off leash even in your own yard, use a long line of 15-20 feet.

The check in

Step 1:
Let your dog do whatever he wants to do in the yard. You do not need to make any effort to get his attention at this time.

Step 2: Whenever your dog decides to “check in” with you by coming away from what they are doing to check you out give your dog a reward. That’s it!

It doesn’t have to be complicated  to be effective. With this game your dog is learning that checking in with you pays off, big time. This is not the time to use kibble or dry biscuits, who wants to work for pennies! I’m talking break out the big bucks, chicken, cheese, hot dogs, liver. Something your dog will WANT to come back for. Make it memorable. 

 This youngster is getting rewarded today for checking in and offering attention. I’m not asking her to come to me, its her choice to keep on checking in and her good choices are paying off.