Training Philosophy

Every Great Dog offers family-friendly training where learning takes place in a relaxed  and motivational environment that both you and your dog will enjoy.  Our various dog training programs focus on teaching dogs new behaviors, those we want them to learn.  

Each dog is unique and since no single approach works for every dog we utilize a wide variety of tools to achieve positive outcomes. We promote positive reward based methods as for long lasting results while also utilizing behavior interrupting consequences once your dog clearly understands the cues. 

Getting your dog to focus and exhibit good life long manners are always addressed during the training sessions because they are so important. Every Great Dog is dedicated to providing the most personal dog training service. 


About Rachel: 

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and I  love my job!   My goal is for my clients to see desirable changes in their dog and fast. Nothing is better than a home where everyone can enjoy life together happily, two and four legged members.  Working one on one gives you and your dog the best chance for success since all training plans are customized.  

Our ultimate goal is to teach owners and families how they can maintain their dogs new behaviors using our easy,  effective and rewarding methods based on the science behind how animals learn. I understand busy households, which I why i tailor training so  its convenient for you and easy to apply.

When I am not training my clients dogs I am on the go with my husband, children  two year old Boxer, Sadie.  

Schedule an evaluation today , so I can help you reach your goals to live a peaceful and balanced life with your dog. 




Professional Affiliations

  • CPDT -KA
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers 
  • PetCare Insured
  • PET TEC  – First Aid Certified
  • Volunteer Service Dog Trainer at Golden Opportunities for Independence